The BFAS is a society dedicated to the development and use of belief functions within any area of society. Both commercial and academics alike are welcomed to contribute to the society.

Belief functions allow for the modelling of subjectivity in a non bayesian manner using probabilistic mathematics.

Contributions take place via newsletters, educational school camps, and the bi-annual conference. The recent 2010 conference in Brest, France was hugely successful inaugural event, with attendance by many of the most noted Belief Function advocates from around the globe.

About BFAS

Society Mission

The Belief functions and Applications society BFAS was created to promote teaching, research, application and creation of knowledge in the domain of belief functions, their extensions, and the links they can share with other theories and techniques.


The BFAS was born in 2010 with the first conference on the theory of belief functions, held at Brest, France, with Arthur P. Dempster and Glenn Shafer honorary chairs and invited speakers.